We provide all types of security systems to help businesses as well as homes to secure their property.
  • Computer Networking
    IT netwrok support, cable structuring and Installation
    Our design specialists are here to help you create and reconfigure network designs according to your business’s network topology and traffic patterns.
  • Web/App Design
    Wire-Frame and User flow
    Our design team provides the best layouts design for your web or as it is very important to prepare the structure of the pages along with user flow,and have this confirmed by you, the client.
  • Time Attendance and Door Access Control
    Amharic Software
    We provide control systems that range from securing a single door via electronic keypad to large networked systems of multiple office areas.
  • Mobile App Development
    Cross Platform for Mobile Apps
    We provide a cross-platform mobile app development service. This is perfect for jumping off your mobile app on Android and iOS.
  • Apple Service & Apple Repair
    Specialized service
    We service and repair all Apple laptops and notebooks including Apple iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iMac G5, Power Mac G5, and Mac Desktops.
  • Computer Repair Services
    Cross Platform for Mobile Apps
    We provide a cross-platform mobile app development service. This is perfect for jumping off your mobile app on Android and iOS.
  • System Development
    Embedded Softwares
    and Installation
    We provide embedded software development for Machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems, as well as for stand-alone devices for a range of applications.
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Dawit Sileshi, Founder and General Manager of Nano Coputing ICT Solutions

Nano computing & ICT is a leading provider of integrated solutions for the design, upgrade and expansion of business networks. Nano computing & ICT provides infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving clients’ business productivity by providing high quality and high performance.We expertise in: Console Thin Client solution Advanced IP routing and switching Network Management CCTV camera LAN connectivity (network cabling, wireless connectivity) Wi-Fi solution Computer Application installation and support Website development Flash/ PPT Presentation Server solution Anti-virus Solutions Mail Server Solutions Storage Data backup/ recovery solutions

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security the security cameras in our premises. As this is relatively new to the country, I congratulate you in a job well done. I am confident that your service will contribute to our safety and convenience. I look forward to more work with you in other areas of your business and hope to get more of your valuable service.
Dejen Kebede, G/Manager MIDEK CONSULTANCY PLC.
G-TECH PVC production PLC has worked with Nano computing & ICT solutions (NCIS) on network and security projects over the past 7 year. Nano computing has taken part from the design to deployment of Network and security infrastructure for our company. In addition of these they have been consulting us with emerging technologies to maintain and upgrade our system. We believe we know this company. We are happy recommend Nano computing & ICT solutions. They provide quality work at fair price. They are clears in their communications. They are helpful in resolving problems. They have the capacity to build large scale projects. They are well organized and meet their schedules. Please give this good company for series consideration.
Solomon Hailu, G/Manager G-TECH PVC PRODUCTION PLC
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