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In today’s information age every enterprise need solution which can help them accelerate their work Process in a secure way and at the same time following all the standards and regulations. Nano computing &ICT Solution Specializes in providing solutions in almost all verticals of IT. Starting from providing solutions in Network administration and management. Nano computing &ICT Solution also provides solutions for data security and storage. Apart from these, Nano computing &ICT Solution. Also provide software solutions, website design and development and various multimedia solutions. Our highly qualified staffs are continuously trained in today’s evolving standards, platforms and Technologies. Their technical expertise and dedication to quality has enabled companies of all sizes to leverage the strategic, tactical and financial benefits of outsourcing their most demanding requirements to Nano computing. We continuously strive to be our customer’s Preferred Partner for providing solutions for their Requirements and we guarantee your satisfaction! Our goal is to develop a long term and mutually beneficial partnerships with progressive companies who demand the highest level of quality and professionalism.

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security the security cameras in our premises. As this is relatively new to the country, I congratulate you in a job well done. I am confident that your service will contribute to our safety and convenience. I look forward to more work with you in other areas of your business and hope to get more of your valuable service.

Solomon Hailu , G/Manager G-TECH PVC PRODUCTION PLC

G-TECH PVC production PLC has worked with Nano computing & ICT solutions (NCIS) on network and security projects over the past 7 year. Nano computing has taken part from the design to deployment of Network and security infrastructure for our company. In addition of these they have been consulting us with emerging technologies to maintain and upgrade our system. We believe we know this company. We are happy recommend Nano computing & ICT solutions. They provide quality work at fair price. They are clears in their communications. They are helpful in resolving problems. They have the capacity to build large scale projects. They are well organized and meet their schedules. Please give this good company for series consideration.


This is to express my deep appreciation for your partnership with VIRGINIA PHARMACCEUTICALUS and your determination, dedication, commitment and extra mile efforts to successfully on May 25,2018. On behalf of the executive management and myself, I would like to congratulate you for job well done I kindly take this opportunity to thank you very much for extending further the good image and reputation of VIRGINIA PHARMACCEUTICALUS. You have done extraordinary job with remarkably outstanding results. We couldn’t have achieved this perfect job without your dedication and high team spirit. Once again, I am pleased & deserve praise for the way you handled the networking with server deployment and security camera installation. I thank you for your commitment and success, as well I wish you much more success in your future endeavors in your career.

Paulo’s Wongel

It is my pleasure to write you this letter of recognition and appreciation for the work you have recently done for our company. We are all happy with your services in both the network installation and setting up the security camera system. Your patience and professional explanations throughout the work place is much appreciated by all of us. We hope this is only the beginning and we wish to have your services to maintain and upgrade the current system when necessary. We also wish to inform you that we would like to hire you for any future work in installing new equipment as we continue expand our business. At this stage, we thank you and your staff very much for the splendid job you have performed and the dedication and patience you have shown. I hope your skills will encourage and be an exemplary to young professionals.

Our Clients

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